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Elementary grade drawing exam training

The Canvas Art Academy in Goa is offering a comprehensive training course for students preparing for the elementary drawing exam. This course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the exam and develop their artistic abilities.

Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing, including techniques for creating accurate proportions, shading, and perspective. The course will also cover the use of various materials, such as pencils, charcoal, and ink, as well as different types of paper and surfaces.

Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, students will develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities. The course will conclude with a review and practice exam to help students prepare for the actual exam.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge to excel in the elementary drawing exam and continue to develop their artistic abilities.

Object drawing

  • Sketching of outer shape of man made object and natural object

  • Capability of painting with proper tone and shade

  • Proportion study

  • sketching and painting of object, group and individual

  • Study of light and shadow

  • Basic knowledge of different colour medium and handling

  • Use of drapery

  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical object

Memory drawing

  • Proportion and size of figure

  • Human face and figure

  • Proportion of male and female face and body

  • Background and rapid sketch and colouring

  • Development of memory observation and imagination

  • Enhancement of capability of proportion sketching of day to day life

  • Understanding and importance of perspective in drawing

  • Understanding of environment and creation of nature


  • Design in nature

  • Shape and motifs

  • Color scheme

  • Stencil and tracing

  • Development of creative expression and understanding of basic principle of design

  • Importance and effective use of colour and colour shades

  • Understanding of use of geometrical equipment and materials

  • Development of skill of use of different colour medium and techniques

Plain practical geometry, solid geometry and lettering


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