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Advance Diploma in Fine Art

The Canvas Art Academy Goa is proud to offer an Advance Diploma in Fine Art, designed for students who wish to take their artistic skills to the next level. This one-year course is open to students who have completed 10th grade and is designed to provide a comprehensive education in fine art.

The syllabus for the course is as follows:

1st Semester:

  • Theory: Introduction of Art and Fine Art, Elements of Art, Colour Theory

  • Practical: Importance of shading, Importance of basic line and practice, Light and Shadow, How to create volume, Box setting method, Line and Gradation, Importance of studying 3D shapes, Freehand drawing, Enlargement, Rough sketch or rapid sketch, Grid drawing, Stick drawing, Block drawing, Armature study, Still life

  • Medium: Pencil shading, Charcoal, Oil pastel, Poster colour

2nd Semester:

  • Theory: Indian Art History, Western Art History

  • Practical: Perspective, Vanishing point, Tonal Perspective, Eye level, Composition, Portrait study (both freehand and grid, male and female), Different angle of face, Study of eyes, nose, ears, lips, Anatomy, study of basic body proportion of male and female, Hands, arms, feet and legs study, Posture study and body curves, Detailed study of man-made object and natural object, Design sense of negative and positive, 5 elements of painting

  • Medium: Pencil colour, Pen and ink

3rd Semester:

  • Theory: Study of 10 Indian artists, Study of 10 European artists

  • Practical: Portrait of child and old age, Hairstyle texture and volume in portrait, Life drawing, Nature drawing, Memory drawing, Landscape

  • Medium: Watercolor (level 1, 2 and 3)

4th Semester:

  • Theory: History of Modern Indian Art, History of Modern Western Art

  • Practical: Type of shadings, Typography, Perspective drawing (3 point and 4 point), Portrait in hatching medium (male, female and old age), Study of monuments, Nature study (outdoor)

  • Medium: Soft pastel, Collage work, Tea painting

5th Semester:

  • Theory: Contemporary artists of India, All about art movements, History of Folk art and tribal art

  • Practical: Still life (study of foreground and background with drapery), Texture study in detail, Study of 15 different compositions of still life and object drawing with different medium (self composition), Figure drawing with pencil shading and colouring, Nature study and foliage study, Detailed study of different tree leaves and flowers in different medium

  • Medium: Smoke painting, Glass marking pencil shading, Coffee painting

6th Semester:

  • Theory: Artist biography, The great artist

  • Practical: Portrait in stippling and doodling method, Hyper realistic portrait, Study of minimum 10 portraits in different medium of male, female, child and old age, Portrait in typography method

  • Medium: Realistic watercolor, portrait and landscape in watercolor, Acrylic colour (level 1 and 2)

Assignments should be submitted on a monthly basis. All pending work, assignments, and fees should be cleared before the deadline to receive the certificate. Students must also participate in an exhibition, submitting at least 5 pieces of their work. The Academy will return the exhibited works after the exhibition.


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