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The canvas art academy is a place where you can find your inner artist. Get to know the artist who founded The Canvas art academy.

Neha Sudhakar's energetic style and enthusiasm for painting and teaching foster a spirit of exploration and a "can-do" mentality among her students.

Neha earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Chandigarh University. In the last 20 years she has taught art to students of all levels, from elementary school through college. When not teaching, Neha likes to paint for her Gallery. A series of lecture commitments and exhibitions fills the rest of her schedule.

Teaching has honed Neha’s distinctive painting style—one that blends her love of nature and knack for capturing the subtle differences in light that affect various objects.

“I am fascinated by the beauty in nature and derive my inspiration from it. My efforts are not just to capture a scenery, I strive to present to the viewers a painting that would sooth their soul. In this era where all you can see outside the home is an artificial wilderness I try to bring nature back to our windows through my canvas.”


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