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The Canvas Art Academy

Unlock Your Inner Artist

Master the art of fine art and drawing

Beautiful works of art by Neha Sudhakar.


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Art Courses

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Neha Sudhakar

Founder of The Canvas Art Academy

Neha Suddhakar is a talented artist who has been painting from the age of 8. Her work is inspired by the beauty in nature, and she strives to present to the viewers a painting that would soothe their soul.
She is an expert not only in different forms of dry and wet medium paintings, but also conducts classes on handwriting improvement and calligraphy.


Student Testimonial

I like coming to Canvas art academy. It is my second year here. I made some friends and learnt oil pastel, pencil color shading, acrylic colour and mandala.


Student Testimonial

Since I joined the Canvas Art Academy, I have used colour pencils and oil pastels to create amazing pieces of art. 


Student Testimonial

I Love coming to Canvas Art Academy. The teacher is also very nice and I have learnt a lot since I came here.

Advanced Courses

  • Saturday

    5.00 - 6.00 pm 

  • Saturday

    3.00 - 5.00 pm 

In- Person Schedule

Online Art Classes

Enhance your artistic skills with Canvas Art Academy's personalized online art classes. Our experienced instructors provide one-to-one coaching for students of all skill levels and ages. Our virtual classes are conducted using video conferencing software, allowing you to communicate with your instructor in real-time, and receive personalized feedback and support throughout your artistic journey.

Contact us to schedule your first one-to-one session today!

Art Teacher Training

Become an expert art and calligraphy teacher with The Canvas Art Academy's Teacher Training Program. Choose from a variety of subjects and receive basic to professional-level training both online and offline. Our program provides complete guidance on how to conduct online and offline classes for different age groups. After completing the course, you'll receive a certificate and be equipped to teach anyone, anywhere. Contact us to learn more and schedule your training.

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