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Pencil Calligraphy is an example of how beautifully one can write just with a pencil.

Pencil Calligraphy can be constructed with verities of pencils. Just with a tip of the pencil and knowledge of creating fonts, anyone can create the fonts of their wish.

This course by Neha Sudhakar will let you explore all the aspects of pencil calligraphy. She will explain everything you need to know to sort through this incredible, exciting, and fun art.

The course starts with basic strokes. The trainer explains all the necessary details of the course such as materials, best to the l to use, how one should hold the tool to perfect results, and all,t more.

Once the student is familiar with all the instructions, Neha will introduce all the important designs, Alphabets, Numericals, Geometrical, Curves and Cur,vy lines, Straight and Squiggly lines, and lines more decorative stuff which can be done with pencils.

With not many specific requirements one can get started with it and you will be able to create beautiful fonts on every background and paper or cards such as greeting cards, posters, and so on.

What you will learn ♪

• Strokes

• Uppercase Alphabet

• Lowercase Alphabet

• Numbers

• Drills

• Blending

• Background Making

• How to execute what you learn

• Giving effects

• Captions

• Words

• Quotes

Material Required

• Sketching pencil (library set)

• Color Pencil (set of 12)

• Single line notebook

• A4 size sketchbook

• Sketch pen

• Ruler

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