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Learn the intricacies of this historic script, known for its elaborate characteristics and its use in dramatizing, mystifying, and horror writing.

The Canvas Art Academy offers a comprehensive Gothic calligraphy course with experienced instructor Neha Sudhakar. Gothic calligraphy, also known as blackletter, is a script that was developed in German speaking countries and was made famous in the middle ages (1200-1500). With its elaborate characteristics, it is often used to characterize the dramatic, mysterious, or horrific. The Gothic script is further divided into four styles - textura, rotunda, bustarda, and farktur. In this course, students will learn the strokes and how the alphabets are formed, as well as how to write words and sentences in the Gothic font. They will also learn about the formation of captions and quotes, and how to execute what they have learned. This is the perfect opportunity to delve into the rich history and intricate details of Gothic calligraphy.

What you will learn
• Strokes
• Uppercase Alphabet
• Lowercase Alphabet
• Number
• How to execute what you learn
• Captions
• Words
• Quotes

Material Required

•A4 size sketching book 200 gsm

•Single line note book



•Broad edge dip nib or pilot parallel 4 nib calligraphy set

•Red, blue, black ink.

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