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Faux calligraphy is also known as artificial calligraphy and can be created without any special pens.

Faux calligraphy is also known as artificial calligraphy. One can create fonts just with the knowledge of thick and thin strokes. The best thing about the Faux calligraphy is that it does not need any type of special pen, one can create fonts with just any simple pen. It is best option preferred to write headings and create the front page of any project or assignment. Anyone can create fonts with faux calligraphy at anytime.

Faux calligraphy — calligraphy created with any standard writing instrument like a ballpoint pen, chalk, or marker. Additionally, faux calligraphy is a beautiful lettering art form in its own right. Neha Sudhakar will teach you how to create this fun, accessible form of calligraphy.

This course starts with the explanation of how are bolder and thiner parts of the Alphabets are created. Then using the basic rules the Alphabets and numbers are introduces.

Once we are familiar with the basics, Neha will futher teach how to design words and qoutes combining alphabets. With the investment of time and a proper practice anyone can master up the faux calligraphy and can create the fantastic Calligraphic words, quotes, heading and many more.

What you will learn ♪

• Thin and Thick Strokes

• Uppercase Alphabet

• Lowercase Alphabet

• Numbers

• Drills

• Blending

• Background Making

• How to execute what you learn

• Giving effects

• Captions

• Words

• Quotes

Material Required

• A4 size sketchbook

• Single line notebook

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Set of 12 gel pen

• Set of 12 glitter pen

• Set of 12 sketchbook

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